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Welcome to the BRP Box Shop News Page.
Update 7 Nov 2008
Probably the biggest update on its way to a brpboxshop near you, is the addition of
the My Account feature.  This will allow you as a box buyer to log into our store, create
a list of favorite items, store important order information that will be there the next time
you need to buy boxes online, and other things that just make life easier.  A page has
been created to help explain how everything works to the betterment of your box
acquisition position.

We don't have everything all set yet, but when we do, you will see these buttons (the
ones you see here are not turned on).  Stay tuned!
My Account
Tired of those unsightly cupcake holder lines, well do we
have news for you!  If you take a look at the picture to the right
you will see what you cannot see.  This box was developed a
while back, upon request, to hold two cupcakes.  We
dimensioned it so it would hold two cupcakes with two
cupcake holders.  Well, fast forward and we were notified that
it would be a whole lot better if we could offer a one piece
insert to hold two cupcakes.  Single cupcake holders are still
pulling single cupcake-holder-duty, but all of the mini,
standard, and jumbo sized cupcake holders for this box will
eventually be a single insert.  I'll keep you posted on our
progress via our new NEWS page.  Just check next to the
News Buoy to see if you have news.
One Holder.  Two Cupcakes.
CLICK HERE to see the new
one piece, 2 count standard
cupcake holders.
You can have your own brpboxshop account...soon.
Do you want a  These are here!
We are always on the lookout for the next greatest paperboard
creation we can make to better serve you.  Projects like this
one are one of the perks of being box makers (aside from the
glassy-eyed admiration of school children who hope to grow
up and be box makers themselves one day).

These cookie boxes will have the same window material as
all of our windowed boxes.  The crystal clear film will be under
the cutout to protect your cookies while at the same time
allowing hungry eyes to get a peek of what's inside.

The boxes are 4 3/8" x 4 3/8" by 1" and will be feature our
natural paperboard.  We are excited about these!
Most sold by Christmas: 8 Push-ups
It is not a common thing, but every once in a while someone here at the box shop feels so strongly about an
opinion or prediction, they suggest a wager.  Even more uncommon, is someone  actually taking that bet.  At
BRP Box Shop, the currency for such wagers is push-ups.  Specifically,
eight push-ups.  In a row!  Which box
above will we sell the most of by Christmas?  Someone is going to be doing the cold.  
Update  8 Dec 2008
Custom Colored Bakery Boxes for the Same Price as Pink.
To be honest with you, this is one that, when I heard about it, I said, "Really!?"  The
smart people running the box shop have come up with some MacGyver solutions in
order to get you custom bakery boxes at a price that is the same as the pink boxes we
already offer.  Click any one of the boxes above or the Custom Colored Boxes link to
learn more.
Custom Colored Boxes
Update 11 Nov 2008
Update 11 Feb 2009
Check here regularly to learn about new box offerings, opportunities to help us with product development, and
other information including new features we've added to our site.  When you are on one of our main box shop
pages, you can navigate to us by clicking on the News Buoy up in the left hand corner.  The date is there to let
you know when something new has been posted so you don't wast time reading information you already
We Invite You to Look Through Our Environmental Initiative
The window material in our
boxes - yep!  That's
biodegradable.  It is tough to
get film that doesn't have a
price tag fit for NASA, is food
safe, and is kind to the
environment.  If you have any
of our windowed boxes - you
have a film that meets those
requirements.  Our windows
are cellulose-based and
made from wood pulp.
Like our line of Natural Bakery Boxes, the wood used to make our window material is harvested in accordance
with the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Standard.  The SFI certifies practices like replanting more trees than are
harvested each year and making sure no endangered hard woods are used.  Your bakery box window
material is recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable.

Being so close to the Mississippi River affords all of us here at BRP Box Shop the opportunity to see and
experience some of our country's most beautiful natural resources.  Even in a box factory, we have found ways
to increase the odds that the natural beauty that surrounds us can be here for our children and grandchildren
to enjoy.
Although crystal clear and strong enough to protect your most delicate treats, BRP Box Shop's window
material is not a typical petroleum-based plastic - it is a biodegradable and environmentally friendly
food-safe film.
Our Sample Request Page will Guide You to a Taste of our Offerings
Just click Get Samples at the top of the page.

Samples are a great way to see the quality of our boxes, how they look with
your treats or cupcakes, or just how well your pie fits in a time saver box.  We
want to make sure you are ordering exactly the boxes you need when you
drop your items into your cart.  A sample can help you be sure.

Over time, we've developed a system that provides accuracy and speed.  In
the upper left hand corner of the page,  under the boat, there is a link that will
send you to our  'Get Samples' page.  Visit this page to find out how to get the
samples of the boxes you want to try out for yourself.
Can I Try Some of That?  BRP Samples Now Available
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Update 9 Dec 2008
Get Your own BRP Box Shop Account and Save Time.
A lot of our customers have asked us if we can provide some time saving features
when they visit our box shop.  We make time saver boxes - so why not have some
time saving functionality to make buying time saver boxes less time consuming!  
Makes perfect sense.  The first feature we added was the
Add Items All at Once
page.  This allows anyone, if they have a My Account username setup or not - to
place multiple items into their cart at once if they already know their item numbers.  
Click here to check that out.

The next big step was allow people to set up their own account, be able to see their
order history, create a list of favorite items they can pick from when ordering, and
save their name and shipping information - and do all of this with the confidence
that their information is secure.  DONE!  It's
here.  Setting up your own account is
easy and fast.  Sign up for your own account if want to save some time 09.
My Account
My Account Help
My Favorite Boxes
Update 6 Jan 2009
Twenty-five gallons of Pantone's
PMS 186 C colored ink is on its
way to the Box Shop.  We will use
this ink to color the four boxes you
see pictured above.  The liquid red
is not yet here so I used
Photoshop to doctor photos of
these existing sizes with PMS 186
C.  These red bakery boxes will
look similar to our pink offering but
instead of pretty pink, they will be
very red with white on the inside
just like
our pink line.
Red Box
All Have Windows
Same Size as these Pink
Bakery Boxes
Holds Cupcake Inserts
For Cupcake Counts
4" x 4" x 4"
Like 1829 - but RED.
Single Mini, Standard,
or Jumbo cupcake
8" x 4" x 4"
Like 2096 - but RED.
2 Mini, 2 Standard, or
2 Jumbo cupcakes
14" x 10" x 4"
Like 1830 - but RED.
2 Dozen Minis or
1 Dozen Standard
19" x 14" x 4"
Like 1871x1835 - RED.
1 Dozen Jumbo or
2 Dozen Standard
These red boxes will be available February 1st.
*These will be white on the inside.
Pink is pretty but red is ravishing.
Thank you, Tiffany, for suggesting this great idea.
The Birth of a Box
Every singe one of the above boxes is different in some way, some varying by only 1/64 of an inch.  This pile of
boxes was sitting beside the CNC sample table we use to cut out prototype bakery boxes.  The photo
captures something pretty cool about working in the Box Shop.  This is our new 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" bakery
box or goody box. 'Cute' seems to be the preferred word when people take a look at it for the first time.  But
before this little carton ended up in its final incarnation, it passed through the hands of a lot of folks.
It's cute, but how can we make this easier to close for the
 Little tiny tweaks here and there.  I wonder if we
can make this gap a little smaller so it looks cleaner? Are the
process technicians in Cutting going to have a hard time with
this little hook?
 Bring sample to cutting and ask them what
they think.  Cutting says no problem. Show the other
departments.  Lots of smiles.  Bring it to the Vice President of
the Box Shop.  He says we'll make a million of 'em.  Bring it to
the President.  He wants one for the display case in his office.
This cute little 2 1/2" goody box cube will come in
White/White, Natural Brown/Brown, and Pink/White
(printed pink on the outside, white on the inside).
Do other box companies get this picky when designing a box
- making sure it looks and works great, not only for the
customer, but also for the talented people who are going to
manufacture them?  Don't know - but
it is a really good feeling
knowing that we do
- no matter how many samples it takes.
These three 2 1/2" cubed
bakery boxes will be
February 1st.
The House of Just One Gable...but it is a pink one with a handle.
You know that thing where we make some bakery boxes or
cupcake holders or something and people like them
but they would like some kind of different feature or
color or
size or some suchery so they ask us to make it and then
(and this is the best part)...and then
we listen and if we can
pull it off - WE DO IT!  You know what I'm talking about?  
gable top box is pretty and the bottom snaps down
automatically.  Auto bottom.  The dimensions of
this 8 1/2" x
5 1/2" x 3 /12" gable top do not include the gable.  There's
more room in the rafters beneath the handle so it can hold a
lot of cookies or doughnuts, or yarn, or love letters or
whatever you need to transport.  Thanks to all of you who
take the time to make suggestions.  
Click here to see the
gable top box!
Update 12 Jan 2009
All 3 Cute Little Cube Boxes are Now Available (wedding favor boxes?)
A customer suggested this box. We did some
research, commented on how creative and
intelligent and fun our customers are, then
proceeded to turn this cute little bakery cube
into a reality. 3 realities.

This 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" goody box makes
for a perfect wedding favor box.  The pink can
be found
here.  The Natural brown here.  
Finally, the satin white box can be found

You can see all of these near the tippy top of
our bakery box index page here:
Index All
Bakery Boxes.
This is the first in our line of red boxes brought to you by request of
one of our courteous and corresponding customers.  We always
appreciate your cupcake box and bakery box suggestions.  More red
bakery boxes are coming.  Keep checking this page for updates!
Update 21 Jan 2009
Red Boxes of Pure Love - 14" x 10" x 4" Available NOW!
We've knocked this red one out early.  More
information about this box can be found by
clicking on its item number right here:

This new red box will hold a couple different
cupcake sizes and counts.
You can order this red box and the cupcake
holder made for it by clicking
here.  One dozen
standard sized cupcakes can be held steady
while being passionately enveloped in red.

Deep for a mini, but this box will also surround 2
dozen mini cupcakes held inside its crimson
frame by our 2 dozen mini cupcake holder.  
Check these out right
A single pearl of chocolate. A tiny treasure chest of M&Ms.  A suggestive
chamber of Red Hots. I suppose you could throw your loose change into
one of these wedding favor boxes too...if you don't have much loose
change and have not even an ounce of romantic creativity.
Valentine's Day Boxes are Here! The rest is up to you and you and your sweetie(s)!
Red Box
All Have Windows
Click the Item Number
Below to Buy it!
Holds Cupcake Inserts
For Cupcake Counts
4" x 4" x 4"
2296 RED.
Single Mini, Standard,
or Jumbo cupcake
8" x 4" x 4"
2295 RED.
2 Mini, 2 Standard, or
2 Jumbo cupcakes
14" x 10" x 4"
2294 RED.
2 Dozen Minis or
1 Dozen Standard
19" x 14" x 4"
2292x2289 RED.
1 Dozen Jumbo or
2 Dozen Standard
Saint Patrick's Day Green Shamrock Cookie Boxes
Continuing with our seasonal cookie theme, this shamrock
green cookie box is available right now.  It is hard to see in this
picture, but all of our windowed boxes use a clear film (I left the
film in this box when taking the photo - you can't even see it).  
Our window film is cellulose-based and 100% biodegradable.  
Looking for a green box?  No, I mean are you looking for a
greeeeen box?  This box has a bit of both.

This cookie box is white on the inside and has a satin green
finish on the outside.  This holds a single cookie creation.  The
window protects your cookie while allowing some lucky cookie
lover the chance to see their good fortune inside the box before
they even open it.  Check this box out by clicking the picture or
by clicking
Satin White Classy Cookie Box
The green shamrock cookie box shown above and the satin
white box featured just to the right are both 4 3/8" x 4 3/8" by
1".  This is perfect for a single cookie.  The affordable no-fuss
white cookie box is a perfect way to transport and protect a
single cookie from your kitchen to the hands of your customer
or friend.  A lot of our customers prefer a white box with no
window because it servers as the perfect canvas to add a
creative touch.  You can get this box by clicking on the
windowless cookie box picture just to the right or go ahead
and click right
Update 30 Jan 2009
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Box Pics from Customers
Update 31 March 2010
Have you visited the Customer Box Pics page lately?
Click the pic right over
there next to this sentence
to take a look at our new
customer box pics page.  
So many new great
spreads that it is hard to
keep up with all the photos
you've been sharing with
us. Remember, you make
our boxes look gooooood!
The Natural (box) Universe is Expanding.
Click the pic to the left to see
all of our new natural bakery
boxes.  Each time I had a
new Natural bakery box, I'd
put it on my office table by the
window.  Pretty soon, I had
enough boxes to do
something interesting.  I
didn't call it 'art' to the people
who came into my office
asking me what it was all
about.  I called it 'marketing'.  
But in my heart, I felt like it
was art if for no other reason
because these
biodegradable (yes, even the
window film) boxes would
one day frame your wonderful
Table of Frames
Between you and me, that's
what I've decided to call this
Boxes without windows costs less to make and as a result, costs less to buy.  
Every Natural Box the Box Shop carries,
now comes in a windowless version.  
Click the picture to check them all out.
Cake boards and cake pads...oh yeah, we've got 'em!
We have all of your cake board bases covered.  Our tough Premium Gold Foil
covered cake board (pictured above) has foil that wraps all the way underneath
the rigid substrate keeping food out of the flutes and your cake presentation
looking refined.  We also have new chip cake rounds and boards, moisture
resistant white cake boards and rounds that feel like they could be used as a
shield against a water canon in a riot.  We have all kinds of new cake rounds and
new cake boards are on the way.  We want to be your cake board place.
"I want BRP Box Shop to
be the place people think
of when they think about
buying cake boards." -Bob
Are you thinking about
buying cake boards?  And
you are here, right?  
Mission accomplished!!!  If
it were only that easy - it
would be boring.  It
easy making sure we are
offering you the best value
for your cake board dollar.  
But these boards are going
to be the pedestals for your
works of art - that's why we
offer these premium cake
boards.  That is why even
our plane white cake
boards are moisture
resistant, have a crisp
appearance, and look
expensive - even though
they are not.  
Click here.
Custom Colored Boxes
Get Samples
Updated  6 July 2010
Following us on Twitter?
Pretty much every day we have new folks
following us on Twitter.  If you don't have
a twitter account, it is easy to get one
setup.  Go for it!

This is a great place to keep up to
speed with new stuff going down in your
Box Shop.  And let me tell you there is a
LOT happening.  A whole lot.  So yeah,
go ahead,
follow us.
Update 8 April 2010
Can you hear that... those beats in the distance...?
                                          Cake drums are here!
Customers asked us to carry
cake boards. So now...we carry
cake boards.  After seeing the
cake boards, customers asked
if we could carry cake drums.
So now, we carry cake drums
too!  And not just any cake

I tore one of these apart to see
that it is made up of 4 layers of
rigid corrugated material.  
These are laminated together
to supply
the strength to hold your most
demanding (read that - 'hefty')

Look for these on our cake
boards Page.
Click Here.
Thanks to all of you who got in touch with your Box Shop and let us know you would like us to carry quality
cake drums. We get to serve premium customers. It makes sense that we would provide you with premium
quality cake drums. We love you loving your Box Shop. We hope you like our drums!
Update 23 April 2010
The Wedding Favor Cake Slice Box is Finally Here!
Check out our original wedding favor box design.
This wedding favor box is
probably the most original
design to ever come out of the
Box Shop Tech Center.  I
combed through wedding
forums, looked at a lot of
pictures, and even got some
samples to get an idea of what
we could do. In the end, we
came up with something we
are really proud of. The people
who make our cutting dies got
in touch with us just to let us
know how great they thought
this design was. We were a
pretty proud bunch because
those folks see more than
10,000 box designs a year!
If you are looking for a cake slice box to decorate, or just to serve as a wedding favor full of goodies at a
reception, we're confident you'll appreciate the time and testing it took to get this cute little box from concept
to reality.
Update 6 July 2010
These are now for Sale on the Boxshop!
Mix and Match Cupcake Boxes and Lids?  Yep!
Do you like what we see? Your favorite box makers do!
The boxes you see in the picture above, are not new boxes.  These are your standard 4x4x4 single
cupcake boxes.  They have just been accessorized with
a high-end lid.

I was talking to a cupcake mover and shaker (Hi, Marc!) who told me he wished we had a cupcake box
that was better suited to take ribbons.

Bob came up with this idea, I (Kip) designed the lid, and Amy took credit around the office!  
We will produce
these soon for  the 1/2 dozen boxes, and the dozen boxes.  Stay tuned!

Below are links to the new lids.
Click a lid color block below to view and order your lids!
Butter Cream is the newest color offered
by the Boxshop!
Follow brpboxshop
on twitter.
Free shipping via UPS Ground
on all orders to the Lower 48 States